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What is the theme of the project

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

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    Hi Chandan,

    Good question. There is no specific theme as you'll need to create a solution with a use case of your own. You'll just need to follow the main requirement wherein you address one of the categories:

    -Data Visualization
    A graphical representation of data through visual components such as maps, graphs, or other visual formats (e.g. tools that display trends or patterns).
    -Data Analysis
    Solutions that collect, interpret, and present data (e.g. tools that identify relationships or detect anomalies).
    -Data and Machine Learning
    Solutions that use pre-trained models on AWS Marketplace and/or train machine learning models using a specific dataset (e.g. predictive analytics tools).

    Also, don't forget you need to use at least two AWS services and a 3rd party data set from AWS Data Exchange.

    Hope that helps!


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