Winners of these prizes will receive $5,000 plus more.

  • Best in Data Visualization
    A graphical representation of data through visual components such as maps, graphs, or other visual formats (e.g. tools that display trends or patterns).
  • Best in Data Analysis
    Solutions that collect, interpret, and present data (e.g. tools that identify relationships or detect anomalies). 
  • Best in Data and Machine Learning
    Solutions that use pre-trained models on AWS Marketplace and/or train machine learning models using a specific dataset (e.g. predictive analytics tools).


Winners of these bonus prizes will receive $1,500 plus more and need not be a category winner.

  • Healthcare
    Solutions that help the healthcare industry, enhance ways to lower costs and improve the quality of patient care.
  • Financial services
    Solutions that help financial institutions manage compliance, mitigate risk, and modernize systems.
  • Retail
    Solutions that improve the retail experience such as tools around customer behavior, merchandise effectiveness, and sales promotion.  


  • The same eligible Solution may win a a Category Prize and a Bonus Prize.
  • The same eligible Solution may win Honorable Mention and a Bonus Prize
  • The same eligible Solution may not win more than one Category Prize or more than one Bonus Prize.

View the full rules of the challenge for more information on prize eligibility.