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AWS credits


  • AWS Credits can only be applied to AWS services. Additional charges incurred for the use of AWS Marketplace products are the responsibility of the participant. 
  • You are encouraged to monitor your usage of free trials from the curated model as to not incur additional charges. 
  • You MUST be registered for the challenge in order to receive AWS credits
  • Please allow 2-3 business days to receive AWS credits
  • AWS credit requests received after Friday, August 21st at 4pm EST will NOT be guaranteed receipt.


  • Join the Slack workspace to ask questions, network, and collaborate!
  • Be sure to join the #officehours channel in Slack to ask questions and support team member will get back to you. Office Hours Schedule:
    • July 30th: 10am - 11am, 6pm - 7pm EDT
    • August 13th: 10am - 11am, 6pm - 7pm EDT
    • August 21st: 10am - 11am, 6pm - 7pm EDT
  • AWS Knowledge Center

Featured Data Providers

  • Crux
  • CSR Hub
  • Dun&Bradstreet
  • EDI
  • Experian
  • Facteus
  • Swarmode